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How to Speed Up a Cold Recovery

While the cure for the common cold hasn't been found yet, there are ways to make your recovery from it as speedy as possible. Here are a few ways you c...

Is the Intermittent Fasting Diet Healthy, Effective, and Safe?

The intermittent fasting diet is quickly becoming one of the more popular diets your friends won't stop talking about. The question is whether it's hea...

What the Color of Your Mucus Means

It may be gross, but your mucus plays an important role in your health. It can also help you know the severity of an illness or tell you specifics you ...

Here’s What Medicare Costs in 2021

CMS has announced the 2021 Medicare costs. Check them out so you know what to expect this AEP!

How Can a Diagnosis-Related Group Determine Your Care?

You may have never heard about a diagnosis-related group (DRG), but they can influence your health care. In fact, they are a critical part of the Medic...

Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Risotto

Risotto is a showstopping dish that you can whip out for just yourself or whenever you have friends or family over. Here's how to make this incredible,...

The Difference Between the Flu and a Cold

With cases peaking around the same time, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the flu and a cold. Since one can be much more severe than ...

Why Do We Celebrate That? Classic Halloween Monsters

What would Halloween be without monsters? There are many great classic Halloween monsters, but what's interesting is what these monsters say about us.

Common Poison Hazards in the Home

There are many items in our house that are toxic if ingested. Checking your home for poison hazards can prevent children or pets from being harmed.

The World's Best Spooky Spots for Seniors This Halloween

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many of us homebound. Today, let's virtually travel the globe to some more of the best spooky spots in the world!

Preparing for Your Welcome to Medicare Visit

If you've just signed up for Medicare, you're entitled to a fully-covered preventative meeting with your doctor. Here's how you should be preparing for...

Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween During the COVID Pandemic

Halloween is usually a season filled with scares, but there's a different shadow lingering over October this year. With a few clever twists, celebratin...

Transform Last Night’s Mashed Potatoes into Delicious Gnocchi

Mashed potatoes are a popular and easy to make dish, but what can you do with the leftovers? With this delicious cacio e pepe gnocchi recipe, you'll be...

Safe Trick-Or-Treating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus looms large over communal Halloween celebrations. Are there ways to trick-or-treat during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are Goji Berries a Superfood?

Goji berries have been hyped up as a superfood since the turn of the century. Do they live up to it all? Are goji berries a superfood?